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Register your interest via our Volunteer Signup Form.  No experience needed!
Arrange a time for a quick phone call.
We’ll chat briefly, enabling you to learn more about GrassRootsWeb, and us to learn more about you.
Come to a taster session & begin training. Dip your toe into GrassRootsWeb - we'll help you rapidly master no-code web design and leading client projects.

Fantastic - GRW is by no means just for beginners. If you join GRW, you'll be able to focus on what you're interested in, not pitching to potential clients. Upon demonstrating your ability (either via past sites you've made or upon completing a quick challenge), you'll be fast tracked straight into leading projects. We'll give you any training you wish in terms of running client meetings, and you will make a huge impact with us.

Look at our case studies. These were built by beginners in web design, and our clients love them. Talk to us on the phone - ask us whatever you want, and you'll see how GRW just is great. And if, for whatever reason web design or GRW isn't for you, no problem - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You couldn't be more welcome! GrassRootsWeb is built around beginner's needs - we've created a custom-built program through which to learn web development from scratch! This program cuts out all the mistakes, resource searching, and dead ends which we encountered when learning web design - it is so efficient, you can be ready to take on leading a client project after just one week of part-time training! Learn more about our Design Training

Unlike the popular understanding, web design actually involves a lot of client interaction! From moodboarding, to discussing brand values, to teaching your skills to client teams, you'll be spending a lot of time face to face with our client organisations. You will also be actively involved in mentoring more junior members of GrassRootsWeb, as well as the team more widely - a role that demands great emotional intelligence. You are also more than welcome to join GRW as an expansion specialist, working growth operations - specifically, client acquisition and recruitment.

No! We teach no-code design, which is not only quicker to learn, but is actually better for our clients, as it means that we can execute our projects very rapidly, and they can also make modifications to their own sites more easily.

Zero! As we provide training you don’t need any experience.

Absolutely! We have a broad range of charities, nonprofits and small businesses that need your help and we will always ask where your interests lie when assigning you a project.

Of course! Many of our volunteers start learning web design and work their way up to managerial roles on the senior team, and some of our senior team are still creating websites. Whatever you decide to work on, we are here to make it happen!

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