We're on a mission to revolutionise access to web design.

And we need your help to make it happen.

our volunteers work on real projects that have a real impact.

Websites are crucial for the charities, nonprofits and small businesses we help. They show the organization's personality and help them connect with their audience. However, many face barriers to access web design services that can provide them with beautiful and custom designs for their unique brands and needs.

As a volunteer, you’ll be able to make a measurable difference for our clients in your very first project. You will receive valuable real-world experience working with small charities and social ventures to make a real impact in the community.

Learn more about our web design training programme below or signup to our waitlist now to volunteer your unique skills. We'll follow up with you shortly!

volunteer Web design training programme.

Our custom-built training programme is made for our volunteers to get hands-on training and mentorship as they learn web design from scratch using no-code platforms. No previous experience is needed! Learn more about your opportunities as a web designer through our Design Training.

We are always looking to add new talent to our agency.

Whether you are into graphic design, illustration, social media, growth operations, business development or more. Find your fit in our open roles.

here's what our volunteers have to say.

I liked how interactive everything was, which really makes you feel that you’re part of a team rather than just working by yourself!

Hannah, Oxford

In my most recent project building a website for a charity, we weren't only launching a website, but were helping an organisation find its feet and brainstorming their vision!

Amy, Oxford

I've come to realise my potential through coming to GrassRootsWeb, and better understand what's available around me.

Nisanth, UCL

Through GRW I've been able to work on projects I genuinely care about. Having that close relationship with the client is so special. It's been an excellent creative outlet and counterbalance to the stress of uni work and lockdown life!

Alex, Uni of London

What I like about GrassRootsWeb is how we are able to dive straight into working with clients after a few sessions of training, A really hands on approach. Also, there's support from senior web designers whom regularly check up on you and see if everything is ok.

Shak, UCL Graduate

I’ve really loved how quickly we get to dive into projects and the autonomy and responsibility of working on them. Also, I’ve found it’s been a great opportunity to pursue this interest in an engaging and realistic way!

Annais, SOAS

GrassrootsWeb enabled me as a first year to gain valuable experience without any prior knowledge about designing websites! It also allowed me to develop my professional skills such as how to run meetings with clients. All in all it's is an awesome initiative to get involved with and add to your CV.

Amaan, SOAS

Having just finished my first project at GrassRootsWeb, I can say that it's been a really fantastic experience that has also allowed me to learn so much in a short period of time! I love the flexibility involved in being completely in control of a project and liaising directly with clients whilst also learning as you go and being able to reach out to your team mate or senior web designer at any time. Over all, I've really enjoyed my experience so far and am looking forward to taking on more projects soon!

Hanniya, Cambridge

GrassRootsWeb has not only given me the opportunity to embrace my creative side but has also built my professional confidence. Plus, I get to be a part of helping fantastic charities increase their impact. There’s so much room to learn and grow at GrassRootsWeb, its a totally unique organisation.

Georgia, Civil Service