our web designers are given the training and confidence to manage projects from start to finish.

Join our volunteer waitlist  to take part in our training programme. We'll follow up with you shortly.

But that’s not all...

You’ll learn and grow no matter your experience level.

You’ll work with the leaders of charities and small businesses - leading impactful projects.

You’ll learn web design from scratch with no-code, customised training.

You can enjoy a flexible time commitment - projects available year-round.

You can choose your cause - from sustainability to human rights.

You can receive employer references and certificates.

Our volunteer designers learn from doing.

We've created a custom-built program to teach no-code web development from scratch, without writing a line of code!What makes our training particularly unique is that it goes far beyond web design - you are taught the essentials in brand consulting and interacting with clients by management consultants. So you will exude professionalism, and know how to push the client’s thinking to understand who they want to be as an organisation.

step 1

part-time training

This covers brand consulting, mood boarding, templating, using no-code platforms  and feedback in a sociable and varied environment.

step 2

sandbox project

Test your skills and knowledge by jumping into a mock brief and building your confidence to take on a client project.

step 3

client project

No-one starts a client project until they are comfortable to do so. You can work in pairs or manage a project yourself once you feel confident and we see that you are ready.

Fast progression is one of the most exciting aspects of joining a young start-up like Grw.

Everyone starts as a trainee, Your progress is up to you!

Anyone who is dedicated, passionate and demonstrates their desire to progress can. There are no fixed numbers of senior leadership positions - there's always room for contributors at the top. Work hard, and you could be director in a few months. It's as simple as that. We have designed progression at GrassRootsWeb to reward contribution - no fixed terms exist.

once you've joined

Complete Our training and  Start working on projects

We'll help you rapidly master no-code web design and leading client projects. Begin your first project working for real charities, startups and small businesses who greatly value your work.

Grow and contribute to our agency as much as you want

Progression at GrassRootsWeb is fast, objective, and reflects the value you put in. We value the diverse skills our volunteers come with and love to hear any ideas on how you want to use those skills with our agency.

Join our community and start learning, growing and building your skills.


Fill out our volunteer waitlist form

Volunteer Waitlist

arrange a time for a quick call

We’ll chat briefly, enabling you to learn more about GrassRootsWeb, and for us to learn more about you.


come to a taster session and decide if GRW is right for you

Step 1:

Sign up to our waitlist

Join our waitlist, we will send your invite asap.

step 2:

Receive your invite and join our discord.

Once you receive your invite, join our discord and follow the new volunteer onboarding instructions.

step 3:

Access our training resources.

After onboarding, check out our learning resources. This channel covers brand consulting, mood boarding, design fundamentals, templating, links to training using low-code platforms webflow and features our own custom training videos for wordpress.  You can learn at your own pace, discuss and ask questions with community members and senior designers getting feedback in a sociable and supportive environment.

step 4:

community activities & workshops.

Engage in community activities and workshops to help you learn by doing. You’ll get feedback on your growing skillsets as well as a develop the vital skill of giving and receiving constructive feedback.

step 5:

sandbox projects.

Test your skills and knowledge by jumping into a mock brief and building your confidence to take on a client project.

step 6:

join in client projects.

Signup to join design teams on client projects from start to launch, learn from other team members, and gain valuable communication and teamwork skills.