we are GrassRootsWeb.
A fusion team disrupting what it means to make websites.

our mission.

tree planting
Green initiative

We’re working towards net-zero carbon consumption by planting 10 trees for every website we build through our Green Initiative.

accessible web design services

We stand for making fantastic websites available for all organisations, irrespective of their budgets.

valuable volunteer experience

We believe everyone has the right to learn new skills that are essential in finding fulfilling employment.

our grassroots story.

We saw an opportunity to tackle the challenges faced by charities, local businesses, and students looking for work opportunities.

its getting harder and harder for independents to make it.

Big businesses dominate, and support for grassroots independents is dwindling.

Websites play a vital role in showcasing an organization's personality, connecting with customers, and creating opportunities, but affordability can be a barrier for small charities, businesses, and startups needing a good website.

The outlook for young people entering the job market is often tough as they are lacking experience and are facing an increasingly competitive job market.

we aim to bridge the gap between organizations and students, revolutionizing web design access.

Our vision is to enable organisations to enhance their reach and credibility with budget-friendly websites. At the same time, we empower students by tapping into their tech-savviness and passion for good causes, providing them with hands-on work experience and mentoring to kickstart their tech careers. Revolutionising access to web design.

our impact speaks for itself.

Since GrassRootsWeb began, we've made an incredible impact on the charities and small businesses we've supported. We take great pride in training numerous volunteers and contributing to a better future by planting trees for every website we build through our Green Initiative.

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How you can help us make an impact.


Learn web design in our Design Training Programme, volunteer for our Open Roles or contribute to GRW with your unique skills!


Your donations go towards supporting our mission, training more designers and helping us cover basic running costs. Donate to our Stripe today!

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