whale & dolphin company

the client:

Whale & Dolphin Company offers once in a lifetime cruises in 6 different locations that help fund  marine research and conservation efforts.

the ask:

Whale & Dolphin Company was looking for a website to promote and inform viewers about their vital mission. They needed to showcase the amazing trips on offer, thereby generating leads to support research and conservation efforts.

our solution:

A visually immersive website that shows off the importance of Whale & Dolphin Company’s incredible mission. The website gives viewers a great preview of what the experience of taking a cruise with the company would be like and how close they can come to the ecosystems and animals they are helping to protect.

See the live site, visit whale-and-dolphin.com

Clean organisation makes the rich  Homepage easy to understand and invites viewers to explore

Each Destination page highlights key information about the experience, previous guest’s testimonials and an exciting gallery of photos

Importantly, viewers are able to learn how their participation in cruises helps support the company’s research and conservation efforts easily with clean and informative layouts.

client feedback

charles & robert anderson

whale & dolphin company directors

"Designing and building our website with Grassroots Web has been a fantastic process with great results. The exceptionally personal and bespoke service meant our website looked exactly like, if not better than, what we had imagined at the start of the process. "