the client:

FlexSea is a sustainable-packaging company aiming to replace traditional petroleum plastic film with an innovative natural material derived from seaweed.

the ask:

FlexSea wanted a website to showcase their revolutionary sustainable packaging technology to both B2B clients and interested consumers. They want to demonstrate the value and innovation of their product and change the way viewers see and use plastics.

our solution:

A website the beautifully organises and visually informs viewers about the product without being overwhelming.

See the live site, visit flex-sea.com

awards & recognition

Our original site was featured by Design Rush in their 11 Best Websites UX with Seamless Design for 2023, praising the site’s following features: Unique UPS; Innovative, informative and engaging; and a Prominent list of partners.

“FlexSea’s website, designed by (appropriately named partner) GrassRootsWeb showcases not only the brand’s revolutionary technology to both B2B clients and interested consumers but also takes them on a journey, demonstrating the whole process (from seaweed to stylish packaging) in such an engaging way that a visitor has “no choice” but to convert.”

An informative and well-paced homepage to introduce viewers to the FlexSea product

Engaging and modern looping background videos

An innovative product deserves innovative story telling through an interactive journey showing the viewer each step of how deep the problem lies and the importance of FlexSea’s solution 

Tabs and clear information organisation turns complex and detailed copy into easily digestible content informing viewers about the product

client feedback

Carlo fedeli

flexsea ceo

GrassrootsWeb were fantastic in helping me build the website for my startup.Everything – from their mood boarding sessions to the final iterations – is heavily client focused and they go above and beyond to understand what the client truly wants and to not only meet but exceed their expectations. Would definitely recommend 100%"