cape verdean association uk

the client:

The Cape Verdean Association UK is a charity that promotes social inclusion and supports socially disadvantaged people living in the UK, in particular members of the Cape Verdean community.

the ask:

CVA UK was looking for a friendly, welcoming website to attract members of their community and act as a hub for connection and support. They also needed a way to gather support from volunteers or by donations, while also encouraging community members to register for current community events.

our solution:

A dynamic and colorful design showcases CVA UK’s personality and reflects Cape Verde’s beauty. We provided a platform for connection that includes 3 different language options to create a space that is inclusive so all community members can be gain support and feel welcomed.

Their website has been vital in helping members of their community connect and support one another. GrassRootsWeb is proud to help charities like CVA UK carry out their vital work.

See the live site, visit

Atmospheric looping video in the hero section welcomes viewers with a peaceful and immersive experience

Integrated google forms for easy data collection and management

Engaging animated timeline lets viewers learn about CVA UK’s history in a fun way

client feedback

Cape verdean association uk

We loved GrassRootsWeb’s professionalism, the free support offered, the quality of the service, and the dedication to a customer focused approach.